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Access NI

Ulster Badminton recognises its moral duty and legal obligation to protect children and young people in sport through the creation and promotion of a safe environment which protects them from harm.

Sport has the power to be a positive influence on children and vulnerable young adults, providing the supporting structures and sporting environment that places welfare first.

As well as our safeguarding policy, we are required by law to carry out an Access NI check for any person involved in Ulster Badminton that has contact with Children or Vulnerable adults.

The purpose of the check is to make sure that people are not appointed who might be unsuitable to work with children or vulnerable people. The process will be highly confidential. Applicants can be assured that adverse reports received through the vetting process will be taken into account only when it is considered relevant to the role. Any disclosure will be seen in the context of the role and the nature of the information.

All Access NI submissions have now to be done on-line. Once submitted, Access NI will review the information and disclosure certificate will be issued to the applicant. The certificate will have Ulster Badminton on it and this cannot be transferred to any other organisation. The certificate is only valid for Ulster Badminton activities. (This includes coaches and volunteers who work at Ulster Badminton affiliated clubs).

Access NI is free for all Affiliated Ulster Badminton members subject to them meeting the enhanced Access NI Criteria.

A £10 administration fee will be charged to any Non-Affiliated Ulster Badminton Member.

Please find below the Access NI form that needs to be completed and instructions on how to complete it properly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the badminton Office on 02892 668392

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About Access NI

AccessNI is a criminal history disclosure service in Northern Ireland. By law some employers must check your criminal history before they recruit. When asked by these employers, AccessNI supplies criminal history information about job applicants, volunteers and employees.

Criminal history disclosure

A criminal history check is also known as a disclosure. AccessNI searches your details against UK criminal records and police information. These searches may disclose any criminal history to certain employers and organisations. AccessNI produces a disclosure certificate for every check.

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