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The Ulster Branch Badminton Union of Ireland (UBBUI) consists of a group of committed volunteers and professional staff based at the National Badminton Centre in Lisburn.

UBBUI is responsible for managing badminton throughout the Ulster province, adopting an inclusive approach which caters for all players of all ages and abilities. It achieves this by supporting programmes in many different playing environments, including schools, clubs and bespoke performance training for more committed and ambitious players.

The Branch

The Ulster Branch Badminton Union of Ireland Ltd. has been in existence since 1911. It is a region of Badminton Ireland (Badminton Union of Ireland Ltd., a company limited by Guarantee and not having a share capital), the governing body of the sport in Ireland.

It represents the nine counties of Ulster, which includes Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan, and is the governing body for the sport within the confines of Northern Ireland. It is semi autonomous working within the terms of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Badminton Ireland Ltd., with a wide remit to actively promote and encourage badminton development in Ulster from grass roots to the highest playing level.

Its motto is “Badminton for All” and attracts people of all ages, sex, denomination, creed, colour, able and disabled. It exercises no limits through economic status, fitness and athletic ability.

Ulster Badminton Strategic Plan 2023-27

The Ulster Badminton Strategy 2023-27 has been developed following consultation with our Affiliated members & clubs, Leagues, partners, funders and key stakeholders. Research on the sporting landscape and reflections & learning from our previous strategy has also helped shape the plan with a clearly defined VISION & direction of travel for the organisation over the next 4 years.

Our Team

Andrew Stewart Image

Andrew Stewart

Executive Manager

Ryan Prentice Image

Kyle Dunn

Development Officer

Ryan Prentice Image

Jacob Davidson

Participation Officer

Emma Nesbitt Image

Leslie Dewart

Pathways Officer

Emma Nesbitt Image

Emma Nesbitt

Finance & Administration

Child Protection and Safeguarding Officer

Contact Beverley Ringland at:

Telephone: 07734877740

Email: safeguarding@ulsterbadminton.com


Ulster Badminton relies to a very large extent on the efforts of a small group of dedicated volunteers. If you want to help then contact us on:

Telephone: +44(0)2892668392

Email: enquiries@ulsterbadminton.com

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