• Categories and Classifications

    Classification is undertaken so that athletes can be put into a Sport Class or a group for competition.The classification process allows athletes to be placed in a class to compete in a tournament to compete against each other.

    The classification process involves a medical examination and some badminton activities to show the classifiers what badminton movements and shots are easy or more difficult for the athlete.

    During the classification process, the player is allocated a Sports Class. Players are also allocated a Sport Class Status (which indicates when players should be evaluated and how their Sport Class may be challenged).

    The Classification Regulations provide a framework within which the process of classification takes place.

    The Minimal Impairment Criteria for each of the Sport Classes is described in the Classification Regulations.

    The BWF Para-Badminton Classification system has the following Sport Classes:
    Wheelchair Sport Classes – WH 1 and WH 2
    Standing Sport Classes – SL 3, SL 4 and SU 5
    Short Stature Sport Class – SS 6

    Forms for New Players – International Competition

    If a player has not competed at an international tournament before, the player must under-go player evaluation / classification, before they compete at their first international tournament.

    The player will enter with a Sport Class Status “New” (N) and he/she must submit the following:
    Completed Player Medical Information Form (Form 1)
    Completed Player Evaluation Consent Form (Form 2)
    Provide the medical records to the BWF four weeks before the international tournament

    First time players must complete Forms 1 and 2 before going to their first international tournament. The player will undergo player evaluation / classification by a BWF Classifier before the competition starts.

    These forms are part of the Classification Regulations and are Appendix 7, Appendix 8, Appendix 9 and Appendix 10 of the Classification Regulations.

    Player Medical Information Form for all new players must be submitted 4 weeks before the competition starts to the following email address: classification@bwfbadminton.org

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