High Performance Squad

Sources of players

High Performance Squad players will mainly be sourced from the Emerging Squads.

In exceptional circumstances players may move into the High Performance Squad from a club based environment by achieving performance standards set by the Programme.  At this stage a player is invited for a confirmation period.


 Selection for the Ulster High Performance Squad training is by:

  •  Completion of a Player Profile tool indicating an overall rating of GREEN.
  • Liaison between the player, senior club, parent (where relevant), an Emerging Squad coach, the High Performance Squad coach and an independent party.
  • Successful completion of a 16 week confirmation period, evaluating:

Training Commitment (as we are now)

Players on the HP Squad are expected to complete a minimum of 192 training hours per year as part of the Programme.

Competition Commitment

Players on the High Performance Squad will be expected to compete in tournaments as agreed with the High Performance Coach.


Players will be expected to adhere to the Player Agreement.

High Performance Squad players will be evaluated using the Player Profile tool every 12 months.   Using a RAG system, the following outcomes are possible:

  •  Red – move into club
  • Amber – retain in squad possible removal from Squad at next review
  • Green – retain in Squad
  • Green – nomination for the GB/Irish Performance Programmes

A player’s influence on the training environment (i.e. what added value does the player give to the training environment) will be taken into account when making an overall rating of a player for the High Performance Squad.

All players will receive feedback indicating their strengths and potential development areas.

Players currently training in the High Performance Squad can be found by downloading the document:

Ulster Badminton Performance Squads List