Working as a Coach

Coaching is a unique and rewarding career as you inspire people to start playing the game and empower them to fulfil their potential. It can provide you with a host of new skills which can be transferable into other areas of life, making it good for your personal development and career opportunities.

Starting Out

If you want to become a badminton coach you will need to look into gaining badminton coaching qualifications. Check out the different qualifications available.

Newly Qualified Coaches

If you are qualified as a coach and are looking at setting yourself up to work as a coach the following areas should be considered.

1. Employment


Keeping UP-TO-DATE

In order for any coach to remain fully qualified there are certain courses that must be taken to remain UP-TO-DATE

1. Coaching Qualifications

In order for coaches to remain up-to-date they should have completed at least one Badminton Ireland Coaching Course in the last 4 years. (See Coaching Qualifications) If this is not the case then coaches should look to complete a Badminton Ireland Refresher’s Course. Request a place on the next course by contacting the Ulster Badminton Office.

2. Child Protection

Anyone in Badminton who has contact with children is required to have attended a Child Protection Course in the last 3 years. Again if you would like to put your name down for attending an upcoming Course please contact the Ulster Badminton Office.

In addition to this all coaches/supervisors please remember to be aware of ;