CPD for Coaches

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Whatever you’re coaching level or role, keeping up to date with best practice and continuously developing your skills is really important!

The sport of badminton is constantly evolving making CPD necessary just to keep up with developments in coaching and the sport. Because people learn in very different ways, CPD can take all sorts of formats, such as short CPD workshops and conferences, working with other coaches and mentors, as well as self-directed learning using resources available such as the internet, books, other sports etc. Although most coaches already engage in some form of CPD without really recognising it as such, Ulster Badminton are committed to provide more formal opportunities for our coaches.  As an organisation we want to get to the stage where we only use the coaches who invest in their own development on our programs.

Coach Mentoring

Ulster badminton are now opening all performance training sessions to coaches from Ulster to come along and watch the sessions.  All qualified coaches are welcome to observe High Performance Squad and Emerging Performance Squad training provided they book a slot in advance.

Further Information

There are numerous CPD opportunities available to coaches ranging from First Aid Courses to Fundamentals of Movement Workshops. You may wish to view both the sports coach UK and Coaching Ireland websites to view the generic Coaching Workshops they have on offer.   Or contact your local Sports Development Officer to see what is on offer from your Council’s Sports Development Unit locally.

Please keep an eye out on this page for upcoming opportunities!